Modern smartphones have grown in size as users require a larger screen to interact with, which simultaneously compromises a smartphone's portability; the DRAS phone has been designed to address this issue. The design incorporates a flexible screen without a solid frame around it so that it can be unfolded to a highly compact standard phone format that allows the user to check his messages, the time, the weather, other notifications, etc. or, alternatively, it can be folded to a mini-phone that is the perfect format for a pocket.

  • Assembled with a accordion style folding function, the DRAS Phone incorporates convenient foldable form with innovate flexible touchscreen interface.
  • The screen itself senses finger force, which means sensors can be placed behind the flexible surface without affecting touchscreen performance.
  • Fully collapsible, the phone folds from a 60mm x 27mm x 33mm or 60 mm x 54mm x 16mm to a fully functional 110 mm x 60 mm x 8mm smartphone.
  • The materials used for the outer cell can be customized by the customer. 

     This product is not available to the public.